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Ekaterina's personal blog page

Who will be interested in this blog?

Parents and children

specialists working with children with disabilities, hearing-impaired children, bilingual children

all those who are interested in understanding how a person with hearing loss perceives this world

About me

My first degree: Economics and finance

My second degree: Defectology

I am a mother of five children

I am a writer

I had lived in Spain for 5 and a half years

I have been living in England for almost 7 years

Completed a deaf and hard of hearing teaching retraining course

I speak three languages: Russian, Spanish and English

My history

I was born in Moscow back in the days of the Soviet Union in 1980. I finished an ordinary secondary school, graduated from the faculty of economics of Moscow University, have worked in finance for many years

When I was already 36 years old, I was diagnosed with congenital sensorineural hearing loss of 2-3 degrees, but it happened after a similar diagnosis had been made to my son. I have never thought I had been living with such hearing loss for my whole life

After the diagnosis I began to study respective information to understand how I can help my child, how to make sure that he was doing well in school. I got my second degree, completed a retraining course, learned English sign language, got into the final of the short story contest "You and Your Little Wizards" and much more

Based on my acoustically challenged life experience, my experience in upbringing and corrective care for my son, based on all the data received and conclusions that I made for myself, I wrote a book and, also, decided to keep this blog, in the hope that someone would find this information useful and necessary

It is worth reading my book to understand how it happened that I had been not diagnosed earlier. And I wrote about my son’s case in my story which I will also publish here, alternatively, it can be found at the link

I will be very happy, if you find answers to some of your questions here or just want to ask me about something. I will answer any of your questions and will be delighted to share some more of my experience

Best wishes
Ekaterina Limonova